stradbroke island fishing report

Main Beach 

FISHING REPORT - What's Biting Where?

Main Beach: Try early morning for tailor.

Flinders Beach: Try for some tailor at the headland.

Amity Point: Best chance for some bream.

Offshore: (Jumpinpin) Bream and flathead being at Cobby Passage and a few tailor off the NE tip of Crusoe Island.

EDS TIP OF THE WEEK: "Preserving Beach Worms"

If you have had a successful time worming or you have bought fresh worms and have some left over, don't waste them! preserve them for future use by giving them a quick rinse in sea water, shake off the excess moisture, swirl them in methylated spirits for about 15-20 seconds. Once again, shake off the excess and put the worms into a glass jar and freeze. They will be ready to go next time you go fishing and surprisingly the fish really go for them!


What you can expect to catch...

Trolling... Spanish mackeral, wahoo, tuna, bonito, marlin, sailfish, dolphin fish (mahi mahi), cobia and yellowtail kingfish.

Reef Fishing... Snapper, sweetlip, jewfish, amberjack, pearl perch, parrot, trevally and cobia.

Beach Fishing... Whiting, flathead, dart, tailor, bream and jew.

Bay fishing... Diver whiting, flathead, school mackeral, spotted mackeral, bream, sand crabs, mudcrabs, squid and parrot.

Protected Species in Moreton Bay Waters... Queensland Groper, Red Bass, Potato Cod, Maori Wrasse, Paddletail, Chinaman Fish, Barramundi Cod


Public Boat Ramps:
Are located at Amity Point & One Mile - Dunwich (next to Little Ship Club)

Note: Boats can be launched off Flinders Beach, but this is not an exercise for the inexperienced!

4WD Beach Permits: Permits are essential to drive on the beach or even to venture on to a designated 4WD access track or you can expect a fine of $375 as a result.

Permits can be purchased from the following outlets:


  • Redland City Council Customer Service Centres: 91-93 Bloomfield St - Cleveland / Noleene St - Capalaba (IN PERSON)
  • Redlands on Moreton Bay Visitor Information Centre: (Shop 2) Raby Bay Harbour - 152 Shore St West - Cleveland (PHONE: 1300 667 386)
  • Sea Stradbroke (The Big Red Cat): 12 Emmett Dr - Toondah Harbour (end of Middle St) - Cleveland (PHONE: 3488 9777)
  • Stradbroke Ferries: (Shop 2) Raby Bay Harbour - 152 Shore St West - Cleveland (PHONE: 1300 303 766) 


  • Amity Point General Dealers: Ballow St - Amity Point (PHONE: 3409 7212)
  • Dunwich News: 5 Ballow Road - Dunwich (PHONE: 3409 9200)
  • Dunwich Sports & Hobbies: 18 Bingle Road - Dunwich (PHONE: 3409 9252)
  • Point Lookout Newsagency: (Shop 2) Mintee St - Point Lookout (PHONE: 3409 8250)
  • Ray White Real Estate: Meegera St - Point Lookout (PHONE: 3409 8255)
  • Straddie Holiday Parks: Adder Rock, Amity Point, Cylinder Beach & Thankful Rest Campground Offices (PHONE: 1300 551 253)
  • Straddie Servo: Cnr Fraser & Cunningham St - Dunwich (PHONE: 3409 9076)


  • $33.00 Annual Permit (revenue raised goes into beach regeneration work)

*Beach permits must be displayed on your windscreen in a place clearly visible to the patrolling officers.

Beach Driving: Please note that driving is only permitted on Flinders & Main Beach on North Stradbroke Island. Also, it is illegal to drive on any beach 1 hour either side of high tide! (Tide  times calculated from published tide times for Brisbane Bar - less 1 hour & 20 minutes) Fines will be issued to anyone found driving at these times. The speed limit on Flinders Beach is 40kph & on Main Beach is 60kph. Please note that all road rules still apply when driving on the beaches. Please be responsible, safe & considerate of others.


North Stradbroke Island has a wide range of bait available from the following outlets;

  • Amity Point General Dealers – a wide range of frozen bait, tackle, lures & fishing equipment. 
  • Dunwich Supersports – a wide range of frozen bait, tackle, lures & fishing equipment. 
  • Foodworks (Dunwich & Point Lookout) – frozen pilchards, worms, squid, prawns, and fresh worms and mullet when in season.
  • Point Lookout Bait & Fresh Fish (Ph: 3409 8724)

Catch it yourself...

Yabbies can be readily pumped at low tide from the sand flats at Amity Point, Dunwich, One Mile & Myora.

Pippis (eugarie) can be collected on both Main & Flinders Beach at low tide.
Please note that only 50 eugaries are allowed per person – should you be caught with more than this a substantial fine and an unwanted court appearance will soon follow!

Beach Worms can be pulled from the low tide line at both Main & Flinders Beach.

Swan Bay: Swan Bay is located at the southern tip of the island near Jumpinpin and is a protected fish sanctuary which is regularly monitored by the Department of Fisheries. This area is a complete no go zone and must be treated as such.

Tackle: Fishing tackle and lures can be bought from Foodworks at Point Lookout, Amity Point General Dealers stock a large range of tackle, lures, rods, reels & many other fishing accessories. In Dunwich, if you can’t find what you want at Dunwich Supersports, then it is not on the island!

Tide times

Point Lookout:
Deduct one and a half hours from the tide time at the Brisbane bar (this is the time shown in the daily paper) for the correct high and low tide on main beach.
For example: 10.30am Low Tide at Bar = 9.00am at Main Beach

Amity Point: Deduct half an hour for the correct high and low tide times for Amity and Flinders Beach.

For example: 10.30am Low Tide at the Bar = 10.00am at Amity & Flinders Beach


Check our webcams for live beach conditions along Main Beach and at Home Beach, Flinders Beach, the South Passage Bar and offshore.


Main Beach Webcam



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